What We Do

Hands On Prosthetic Engineering, HOPE, is a non profit organization that uses 3D printing to provide custom prosthetic and adaptive devices to children and veterans in need. Through 3D printing each device is custom to each client and the devices are provided to the clients at no cost to them. Over 1 million people per year suffer from limb loss each year world wide and many of them do not have access to any device due to lack of supply and/or cost. Most prosthesis cost approximately $5,000 - $50,000 for one device and that cost does not include time needed at the hospital for molding and adjustments which can take up to a few weeks. Each part of our devices is individually printed making adjustments very easy. As a child grows we can simply replace the part of the device that needs to grow without replacing the entire device, saving time and money. 3D printing also allows for multicolor devices which gives them more confidence and they can show it off to all of their friends. For veterans while devices may be more accessible, they are not applicable for every situation. We create many adaptive devices for veterans that allow them to have an easier life. From a bike arm, a motorcycle prosthetic foot mount, to a customized upper limb daily device, we create custom devices with the goal to make life easier for each of our clients.  

What Makes Us Different

Each of our designs are custom to each client. Many of our clients do not have a traditional amputation or deformity and thus standard prosthetic devices are not compatible for them. While some of our designs are altered from a basic design, most of our client's prosthesis are brand new designs that are custom to them and their needs. Some of our veterans have prosthetics provided by the Veterans Association but our work provides them assistive devices that make using their device easier and allows them to perform more tasks!