HOPEfully, everyone knows the work we do as a non-profit organization to 3D print hands for children. However, for this time of need we have shifted our current mission and resources to produce 3D printed emergency* medical supplies for those in need. We are already producing a small number of face shields, and have even produced a few prototype devices for evaluation.

      Now that we have our operation setup, we are looking to expand our capacity to provide much more. Ironically, we already have a funding drive with a plan that included an expansion of our printing capacity. It would give us a way to produce funds for scholarships, grants, and internships for students and provide more capability to the families we normally work with. However, until we get through this time of great need all of our resources will be used to produce helpful supplies.

     As always, everything we do for others is free. We raise funds through donations and grants. Most of our funding comes from small direct donations and that brings me to this request. We are asking for a few different things. We are looking for small donations and social sharing... at a distance of course! In addition to being safe, we also want those facing their own needs to save their financial resources. There are many ways that everyone could help us during our drive. Another way to help is to share our story. With so much generosity during these times, many people are looking for ways to give support. This could be a great way for someone you know to give, and that would be a great gift from you.

Finally, I would like to ask if you know anyone on the front lines that needs 3D printed emergency* PPE / medical devices. We are working to fill needs that have already been identified, but we would like to continue making connections with those that currently have or anticipate having a need. One concern is that as larger medical entities increase their intake of needed supplies, smaller organizations will face even greater difficulties getting what they need. We would like your help to connect us with those in need.

If you can give a small amount please use any of these links:

Website donation - Prefered

Gofundme campaign - Details our funding goal

Paypal Giving - Takes a few weeks for funding, but details our non-profit

If you would like to give in other ways contact         help@handsonhope.ngo
You can also mail donations to our business office:         1225 Laurel Street, Suite 418, Columbia, SC 29201

If you can share what we are doing:



Email, Text or Share with those you know: www.handsonhope.ngo/COVID-19

Help connect us:

If you know of frontline providers that need supplies, help us connect with them by sending them our information or giving us some information to connect with them.


*These are emergency supplies without normal certification and veracity of testing, but they are intelligently designed and scrutinized to provide a better option than nothing, and in some cases, these types of devices are now being officially approved as well.